Battle Hymns (silver edition) review

Yes, itīs finally here in Sweden,
Battle Hymns (silver edition).
Digitally remastered in 24-bit high
resolution using the original
mastertapes. When you put the CD in
your stereo you can here at once
that the sound is much more clear
than the original recording. Louder
soundeffects and Erics voice is
clearer. If you donīt like the sound
of the original recording you will be
satisfied with this. Personally I think
this is a masterpiece.

You will also get exclusive photos from
the early 80īs (look here beside). Of
course you will find lyrics to all songs
and comments from the bandmembers
in the 20-page booklet wich is included.

You will also find the original artwork
at the end of the booklet. Finally
I will say that this is a great album
with a great sound and just to get
the booklet is definitely worth the money.

In Sweden you can buy the US-
imported CD at Skivhugget.

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