Gothenburg November 22, 2002

After 3 years of waiting, I drove 260 kilometers to see Manowar in Gothenburg.
I also met 2 friends from internet for the first time. (All hail to Katrin and
Johan Åberg.) The show started with Bludgeon, who is the first band signed on
Magic Circle Music. They played well, but death metal and growl is not my
favorite music. 8:45 it was time for the kings to enter the stage.
It felt magic when I heard Orson Welles classic words mixed with
the crazy fans screaming Manowar, Manowar. With a complete new
stage and with a little different setlist I was disappointed when they only
played 3 songs from the new album. They also played 3 acoustic ballads
and I think it would be better to play them in original. Karl did a great
guitarsolo and when it was time for Joey´s solo he had to cancel it because
of soundproblems. But he came back later and played Sting Of The Bumblebee
together with Scott. Also Eric did a great job and screamed together with the fans
an incredible scream (just like in the 80´s). At the end of the show it was time
for the Harleys to enter the stage. Of course Joey had a girl on his motorcycle.
She showed her tits as usual and then Joey wanted to speak Swedish.
It was funny but I think he should talked more about metal and the Swedish
fans instead of sex. Then they ended the show with an excellent version
of Black Wind, Fire And Steel. With the tones of The Crown And The Ring it
was time to say goodbye and drive 260 kilometers home. Thank you Manowar
for a wonderful show. I look forward to see you on the next tour.

Brothers of metal
Spirit horse of the Cherokee
Warriors of the world united
Kill with power
Guitar solo
Army of the immortals
Call to arms
Kings of metal
Sign of the hammer
Bass solo
Swords in the wind
Master of the wind
Bass solo
Sting of the bumblebee
Joey´s speech
Black wind, fire and steel
The Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings)

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