My Manowar-Story:

How I found Manowar...

I never heared before of Manowar, until I found it on Kazaa, in the ides of September 2002. Music was boring, ever thought, metal is noise, and I searched for something special. A friend told me, Gothic is not worse, so I heared a little Nightwish, but the frequency of the lady is to high for my ears... not bad, but not the sound I searched for... While my gothic search I had Manowar, Heart of Steel in my list, and when I heared that, it 's beaten me totally out of my socks!

I had a deja-vu with my past, felt this cold wind, standing against the crowd, fighting, never giving up, also not glued back to the wall behind, with a crazy grin in my face... they gave up. That was about 20 years ago. I always stood alone, the crowd against me. I never was member of a group... never was adaptable, with my own code of honour... I don't believe in any gods above, just in me, and the gods in everybodys hearts. I can't obey, anytime rebel, also against me... I never feared the last adventure, always walking on the edges of life, just living by heart, however it ends...

So I found myself in this song... somehow...

I downloaded all I could find from Manowar, searched in Net for Information, found some websites and some communication-platforms, that vanished, after my visit.... but I think, this music needs to talk about, to communicate! I joined the official Manowar-chat, and whenever time allows, I have a look there. You can meet interesting people there and talk about Manowar or whatever moves you.

Something strange happened to me, I bought much CDs of a certain band, thought much more about my past, my life, how time goes by like a train, with or without me... maybe I'm just fallen into midlife-crisis?

I really like this music, this sound, this leading voice... never heared something compareable, it's wonderful, powerful, great... Of course there are some songs I don't like much, but should I say all are great, cause they are from Manowar? I'm not a blind fan. And this concerns just few songs.

At all, Manowar has the best sound, the greatest voice I ever heared, there is so much variation, not just one rythm in a song, all is catching interest without becoming bored. They use pictures in the lyrics that fit perfectly, they create a movie in your fantasy, just by listening with open heart.

Manowar, forever carry on!


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